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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Treacle Moon That Vanilla Moment Body Scrub

I picked this up in Tesco about 3 weeks ago as it was on offer for £2 ish and I needed a new body scrub. They only had the Vanilla one in my Tesco which is annoying as since looking at their website Ive seen they do many other smells..like Raspberry and coconut.
Here is the website..... They do a lot of different products lip balms,body butter etc.

That Vanilla Moment Body Scrub

Smelt this in the shop before I brought it smells of ice cream :)

This has a creamy texture with small black bits that are for exfoliating your skin.
I did notice once you start using this the smell is quite sickly compared to how it smells in the tube. Also the smells doesn't linger on your skin for long either. Can be a good or bad thing? A good thing with this product. But if I liked the smell I would want the smell to last on my skin a lot longer.

In terms of how it exfoliates it's okay.I have used other scrubs that are a lot better.
My skin feels smooth but it doesnt feel nourished.
Would be a lot better if it was more moisturising.

Overall, for £2 it is okay, But I will not repurchase again.
I will try the other products they have in the range but not any of the Vanilla smelling products.


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