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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Brad: Interiors - 02 The Day Brings

Hey, Hope everyone has had a nice weekend!

Thought I would share this song with you from one of my favorite bands Brad.


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Revlon vital radiance primers

I don't think I have seen this range in the shops Boots etc, but I brought mine from Ebay..Yes they were all brand new,carded and cheap! You can also find this range in T.J Hughes.

I have been looking for some good primers for some time,when I saw this make up by Revlon.

Smoothing face primer
This comes in two shades Apricot warm for olive and darker skin tones and petal cool for fairer,pink skin tone. Depending on what skin type you have. I am cool skinned with pink tones so went with the Petal cool.I got this from Ebay for about £3.50 for 30ml.

What I love about this:
  • Oil free
  • Contains SPF 25
  • Helps minimize pores
  • keeps foundation in place for longer.
  • Evens skin tone

I apply this about ten minutes after my moisturiser and wait another 5 minutes before applying my foundation, I have found that this really does help the over look of my skin. The fact that it is oil free is great as my skin can at times be oily. It does help my foundation last longer and go on a lot smoother. It has a creamy texture a lot like foundation,you do need to make sure that it is rubbed in well.

I love the fact it contains SPF 25, as I worry a lot about sun damage, especially on the face as the sun can cause wrinkles..!

Tip: Blend equal amounts of primer and foundation in your hand, then apply like normal for sheer, luminous coverage.

Smoothing Lip Primer
I have never used a lip primer before, I normally use my Dove lip care to look after my lips.I paid around £2/3 for this. Its looks like a normal lipstick.

What I love about this:
  • Very moisturising
  • Contains SPF 15
  • Conditions lips

It goes on clear and leaves a glossy finish. To be honest, its to glossy to be used as a primer. I applied my lipstick over this and as its so glossy the lipstick didn't last long at all.

I use this as a lip balm, as it contains SPF and conditions,it looks great on its own, or over a nude lipstick to add a bit of extra shine.

Smoothing eye Primer
This primer is a moose type primer,and comes in a little plastic pot of 3.1g. A little goes a long way. I paid around £2.00 for this.

What I love about this:
  • Improves eye shadow application
  • Make eyeshadow colours more vibrant
  • Helps eyeshadow last longer without creasing.

This makes my eyelids a lot less oily and does not irritate my eyes at all, which is a plus as I have sensitive eyes. It does make your eye make up stay on longer then if you didn't use a primer,as it stops your eyelids from being to oily.
For the price this is pretty good.

I also use this as something to make some of my eyeshadow more vibrant.This did make my eyeshadow last a lot longer. I applied my make up today at 11am and at 6pm my eyeshadow is still there! With only a little bit of creasing. Would definitely recommend this.

Overall for the price they are not to bad at all. Out of the three the Face primer is definitely something I will buy again.

There is also a lot more in this range,Mascaras,blushers etc. They also do make up brushes as well, which I have not tried as yet.I think I might try some of the other products in the future.


Thursday, 15 April 2010

OCC Lip Tar


Sorry for lack of posts the last few weeks, but am now aiming to do one or two a week.

I received my prize from London Beauty Review a OCC lip tar in Hoochie last week, and I love it! It is a strong colour ideal for a night out,but can be worn during the day if mixed with the clear OCC lip tar or other lipglosses. It is a lovely purple/pinkish/magenta colour and last for long time.

It is non-sticky and the colour pay off is so good.
They can be a little drying, so make sure your lips are kept in good condition.
It has a slight minty scent to it.
You definitely need to use a Lip brush to apply this.

Photo taken in natural light with no flash, This photo doesn't really do it justice,it is a lot brighter!
If you look on youtube,com you can find alot of videos on these Lip Tars.

(I need to get a new camera!)
I'm defiantly going to get other colours they have in the range. I especially love Katricia and Hush.

You can get them from here for £8.99. Which is a great price they are worth it!!

I know this is a bit unrelated to make up etc, But i decided to buy Jillian Michael's 30 day shred DVD as Ive read so many good things about it! I definitely need to try something.

My boyfriend brought me this for Easter:

Which was lovely and a total surprise, I love Thornton's chocolate, So out went my diet!
I hope that this DVD is as good as people are saying,I'm defintaly going to stick to it!
Just have to keep thinking the summer is going to be here soon!

I'm currently a size 14 but I am tall 5ft 11 so I can carry it off okay, but I want to tone up & go back to being a size 12 which i was a year ago! Will let you now how its going once I try it out...

Anyway will be doing more posts from now on! Have so many things I want to review and new things I want to try.

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