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Thursday, 11 March 2010

ELF Hd powder and Eyelid primer

This was the first time I have ever brought anything from ELF as I could never decide on what to get and wasn't too sure if the products would be any good due to the low price of the make up.

I decided to get the High Definition powder as I have heard some good reviews on it and was looking for a powder to set my make up anyway.

This cost £6.00
(Sorry about the stock pictures, I haven't got my camera at the moment)

What they say
The high definition loose powder creates a "soft focus" effect to the skin. Masks fine lines and imperfections for a radiant complexion. The incredibly soft and invisible powder is great for on-screen and everyday wear.

Does it work?
To be honest I am a bit disappointed with this product, I had heard such good reviews on it and was looking forward to using it.It is a very fine powder that feels silky it comes with a puff applicator but I decided to use a face brush to apply this as using the puff applicator you cannot see how much of the product you are using as the powder itself is white.

I used this after applying my foundation and concealer, I found with this that it does give a nice texture to the skin but also high lights any dry skin and fine lines. I have a combination skin type, so i do need to use a powder to stop the shine most days. I thought at first maybe I had used a little to much so on the second try I used a little bit less, but after 1-2 hours I didn't like the way my skin looked.
Could notice fine lines more then usual.

Over all I would give this a 6/10, maybe it suits people with different skin types better.

The second thing i decided to get was the Eyelid Primer. In the past I have used UDPP, which i love but thought i would try a cheaper one.

This cost £1.50.

What they say
Preps your eyelid for smoother, longer-lasting and crease-proof eyeshadow. The ultra sheer nude color works to increase eye color longevity. The lightweight liquid formula quickly absorbs into the skin for comfortable wear.

Does it work?
For the price I didnt expect that much, and to be honest its not that great.Half way through the day my eyeshadow had creased and looked messy.
It just caused my eyelids to be more oily then usual and cause the eyeshadow to crease more then it would with out using any primer at all!

Overall I give this a 2/10.

I have heard so many good things about ELF but personally I dont think there products seem very good at all,I might give them another go as I would love to see what the lipsticks are like, and also the mineral range they now have.
I have also heard good things about some of the brushes too.

What are your thoughts on ELF products?


  1. ELF is pretty hit or miss. I too heard good things about this HD powder. I think it's ok. I really just reach for it when I've gone a little overboard with my brozer! It claims to not show up as white on your face, but it does on me.

    I do have some of their lip gloss tins, their Sugar Kiss line, and I love those!! Also, I really like their eye lashes from their regular ELF line. I also can't live without their eyelash curlers! They are the best thing I've ever bought for a dollar!! I got them in a smokey eye kit, for $5 *I think*, and the eye shadow that came with it is SO pigmented, I couldn't believe it! I still have yet to put up a review on it, but now that I'm talking about it, I'll have to get it up next week!

  2. Oh kl thanks for comment, I might try out the eyeshadows and lashes! :)

  3. fab review! i;ve never herard of ELF either!

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  4. Hi girl! :) My sister bought me a bunch of make-up from E.L.F. for christmas and It's okay. I mean sometimes it's not the best. My sister bought me the Eyelid primer, although I haven't used it yet. I will fersure try it soon.


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